If you’re looking to up your skincare game, a dermaroller is the perfect tool to use at home. We break down everything you need to know about dermarolling, and why it could be a game-changer for your skincare routine.

Do’s and don’ts when using dermarollers.

Discontinue use of Retin A, Retinols, Vitamin A creams and other synthetic topical skincare products at least 3 days prior to dermarolling. Also, discontinue RoAccutane and any other photosensitizing medication for a period of at least 4-6 months prior to your dermaroller treatment. Do not use a dermaroller when taking RoAccutane.

Avoid chemical peels in the treated area for at least 2 weeks.

Dermarolling over any active acne is an absolute no-no! You don’t want to spread bacteria around your face as it can cause serious skin issues. Don’t dermaroll over an affected area until it has cleared up completely. You can, however, roll around the affected area – as long as there are no active pimples or acne in your rolling path.

Exfoliate your skin 24 hours prior to dermarolling as it gets rid of any old skin tissue and makes it much easier for the needles to penetrate the skin whilst dermarolling.

Wash your face properly to get rid of any oil or dirt. If you’re using needles lengths of 1mm and above, it is advisable to use numbing cream. We recommend Emla or Topla (active ingredient > Lidocaine) – available from your local pharmacy or Dischem. Wipe or wash off the numbing cream with a damp cloth or warm water before starting the dermarolling procedure. This will prevent the numbing cream from entering the microchannels and cause side effects.

Detailed instructions are provided with each dermaroller home kit purchase.

After you have applied your numbing cream for the recommended time period, you should feel no discomfort for at least 30-45 minutes. This gives you more than enough time to dermaroll your skin properly. It normally takes about 5-10 minutes to microneedle your entire face depending on how fast you roll. 

Dermaroll section by section. 

Apply moderate pressure as to ensure that the needles are penetrating properly. Guide the derma roller back and forth 6-8 times across each section of skin (horizontally and vertically), always lifting off the skin before changing directions. Gently pull the skin taut with one hand as it allows the needles to penetrate the skin much easier.

After your derma roller treatment you will have some redness and may also experience some pinpoint blood spots which is completely normal. It shows that you applied enough pressure, especially with needle lengths of 1.5mm and upwards. Your skin should be 90% back to normal within 3-4 hours. It is advisable that you keep your skin makeup-free for at least 24 hours after dermarolling.

Wipe your skin with a cool cotton pad to get rid of any blood if necessary.

Follow with an organic aloe vera gel or skyrocket your results with our organic Hyaluronic Acid Serum and wait at least 3 hours before apply any moisturiser or oil. Our Active Botanical Anti-Ageing Face Oil is highly recommended and works beautifully in combination with our hyaluronic serum.

Don’t forget to clean and sanitize your derma roller with the special alcohol provided in your derma roller home kit. Allow it to dry after use. You want to do this before and after every single session to make sure you’re keeping it as clean as possible.

Detailed instructions are provided with each derma roller home kit purchase.

Immediately after your derma roller treatment, you will look as though you have moderate sunburn and your skin may feel warm and tighter than usual. This normally subsides after 2 to 3 hours and usually recovers within 24 hours, with only slight redness the following day.

To help your skin in its recovery process, follow the recommendations below:

Use lukewarm water to cleanse the face for the following 48 hours and pat dry gently. Make sure your hands are clean when touching the treated area.

If possible, avoid makeup for at least 24 hours. Most makeup contains synthetic ingredients which you don’t want to be absorbed into the skin.

Steer clear of hot baths or showers, saunas, steam rooms, and excessive exercise until the redness has subsided.

Limit or avoid intensive sun exposure and artificial UV exposure for a period of at least 3-7 days, depending on how sensitive your skin is.

Use a natural, organic hyaluronic serum to deeply hydrate your skin as it will help boost skin recovery.  You will benefit from the daily use of hyaluronic youth serum as it assists in the pliability, elasticity, plumpness, and firmness of the skin. Click here for more info on our rose infused Hyaluronic Youth Serum.

DO NOT USE Retinol A (which is derived from animal sources) as it is a risky option a far as dermarolling / microneedling goes. Retinol can be too strong a skincare addition after your derma roller treatment. Because the needles create micro-channels in the skin, it is important not to apply products that could irritate the skin or act as a toxin when entering the bloodstream in high quantities. For that reason, synthetic vitamin A or Retinol should be avoided at least 3 days prior to and after your derma roller treatment.

Also, consider investing in more natural and organic skincare. Your skin and body will thank you in the long run!


There are various dermaroller needles lengths ranging from 0.5mm to 2.0mm. Each needle length is suited for a particular skin concern. To see which needle length(-s) will suit your skin issue the best, please see the chart below.


Dermaroll in one direction at a time. First horizontally 6-8 times and then vertically/diagonally 6-8 times. Make sure to lift the roller after each pass. So, roll in one direction. Lift up. Repeat.

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