DermaRoller Mistakes to Avoid


Following your microneedling instructions is very important as any mistakes can lead to unwanted side effects and minimize your results. Please read this article thoroughly before microneedling your face and/or body.

There are some people who struggle and don’t see results because of a few, common mistakes that hinder their progress. The following info will shed some light on the do’s and don’ts of microneedling.

Do Not Apply Makeup, Sunscreen or Tanning Lotions After a Microneedling Treatment

Using makeup, sunscreen or tanning lotion straight after dermarolling can cause skin irritation. These products are not suitable for deep absorption as their ingredients are usually synthetic and can act as irritants and cause inflammation and other side effects.  It is recommended to wait at least 24-48 hours after your dermaroller treatment, depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

Microneedling Too Often

This is one of the most common dermarolling mistakes. You have to give your skin time to heal and recover after every treatment. Failing to do so can cause a loss in collagen, inflammation, irritation and slow down your results.

Each needle length requires a specific healing period, therefore dermarolling too often is counterproductive to your desired results. The 0.5mm dermaroller should only be used 2-3 times a week, the 1.0mm every 2 weeks, the 1.5mm every 4 weeks and the 2.0mm every 6 weeks. When it comes to dermaroller treatments, less is more.

Avoid Microneedling If You Have Any Active Skin Conditions

Dermarolling is not suitable for people who have active skin conditions. Below are a list of conditions to take into consideration before embarking on a dermaroller treatment.

  1. Active Acne
  2. Abnormal Skin Growths
  3. Cold Sores
  4. Bruised Skin
  5. Eczema
  6. Fungus
  7. Herpes
  8. Psoriasis
  9. Rashes
  10. Skin Cancer
  11. Solar Keratosis
  12. Sunburn
  13. Warts
  14. Inflammation
  15. Melanoma
  16. Open Wounds
  17. Keloid Scarring (raised, thick scars)
  18. Hives
  19. Hemophilia
  20. Hyper Sensitive Skin

Keep Your Hands, Workding Surface and DermaRoller Clean

So simple, yet something so many take for granted. Keeping your hands, working surface and dermaroller clean with the medical-grade alcohol supplied in our home kits is of utmost importance.

Wash your hands properly before giving them a quick spritz with medical-grade alcohol to disinfect any leftover germs. Wipe and spritz down your work environment and dermaroller. Let the needles air-dry before dermarolling. 

After your treatment is done you can gently swish your dermaroller through lukewarm soapy water and rinse clean. Do not bump the needles. Then spray with medical-grade alcohol and be sure to cover all the needles. Place inside the protective head cover and leave to dry before closing it. When dry, close the head-cover and place back in the protective tube supplied.

DO NOT SHARE Your DermaRoller

Never share your dermaroller with anyone as it can cause skin infections by transferring disease. Also avoid a skin infection by sterilizing your roller after each use.

If a DermaRoller is Very Cheap It’s Most Like Fake

Choosing to buy an inauthentic, cheap or low-quality roller can affect your skin. There are many fake rollers on the market claiming to have more needles. These ‘540-needle’ type rollers are in fact laser-cut discs and not needles at all. They can cause long-term damage to the skin as they cut or slice into the skin. Derma rollers have 192 embedded genuine single needles.

It is called micro-needling for a reason and not micro-cutting or micro-slicing. Be careful when shopping online and make sure that you buy from a reputable online supplier with a great track record.

Use natural and organic where possible whilst dermarolling

What you put on your skin after a dermaroller treatment is of utmost importance as the skin is highly absorptive. Make sure that you use only natural and where possible organic products so no nasties enter your skin and consequently your bloodstream. Choose products with ingredients that will protect your skin while healing and supporting the collagen-building process. Check out our oils and serums here.

Dermarolling too hard to too soft

Using too little or too much pressure when dermarolling can affect your results. Rolling too hard causes unnecessary downtime and rolling too soft won’t yield the desired results as the needles won’t penetrate the skin.

When using a shorter needle length your skin won’t necessarily draw pinprick blood spots as with longer needle lengths. The point of dermarolling is for the needles to penetrate your skin, so using pressure that is too light is counter-productive to your results. Pin-prick blood spots are completely normal and a good indication that you are rolling deep enough with longer needle lengths.

Replace your dermaroller after 14-18 treatments

Our dermarollers last 14-18 treatments on an average treatment area the size of your face. The larger the area, the shorter the lifespan of your roller. Make sure that you replace your roller once the needles start to blunt.

Apply vitamin c serum / toner after each treatment

Vitamin C serums and toners are fantastic for boosting derma roller treatment results. When used after derma rolling, you will see smoother, more even-toned skin in a matter of weeks. 

  • Increases the collagen production in the skin
  • Brightens and tightens the skin
  • Reduce the effects of negative sun exposure (direct sunlight is always best – avoid sun exposure through windows as it cuts out certain beneficial sun rays)
  • Helps skin repair itself
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